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Imagine a World where Everyone is Trustworthy

The word Nexus reveals an important feature of the Import-Export Group Buying systems.

A Nexus works in different ways than the common Network that is used by most businesses.

In a Network the participants save their contact details on secret 2-dimentional lists. Regarding their financial transactions, they make deals on a need-to-know basis and Trust Lawyers to manage conflicts.

Trusted relationships are a key factor to profitability.

In a private Nexus Collaborators insist on protecting their Trade secrets by using Pseudonyms. Contact details guard privacy since are saved with Pseudonyms on the multidimentional lists that allow direct communications among Collaborators.

However, it is against the rules to transact directly outside the Nexus because they circumvent commissions that are due to other Collaborators who protect and make Nexus transactions efficient. This is not a fair business practice and it goes against commonly acceptable rules.

The Nexus Collaborators abide by simple, clear and transparent rules that are algorithmically expressed as clauses in self-executable Smart Contracts.

Encrypted Smart Contracts are part of a Decentralized, Immutable Blockchain that establishes Unwavering Trust since nobody can cheat without getting caught.

Collaborators know the details of their agreements. However, such details are considered Proprietary and protected by Trade Secrets Legislation. Trade Secrets are only available to qualified Stakehoholders who have something to lose in case of default.

Even though Collaborators guard their privacy, they still build their reputation since pseudonyms are meritocratically rated by others who have made verifiable past agreements with them.

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